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eating muskrat parasites

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In: Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 15: Northeast. Edited by Leacock E, Lee R. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 1982: 373-411. Ottawa: Information Canada; 1973. McFadyen Clark A: Koyukon. The eyes, brain, tongue and tail were delicacies; the tails extremely sweet. "It doesn't taste like chicken" Walker sells his catches to Susan Fletcher of New Church, Virginia. Edited by Helm J. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution; 1981: 338-341. 93. Structures Muskrat burrowing can cause structural damage to dams, dikes, railroad/road beds and levees. From March 20, 1943, to March 22, 1945, 70 Ohio muskrat carcasses were examined, most of them being obtained from trappers by Merrill C. Gilfillan, Leader of the Pittman-Robertson Muskrat Project in Ohio. A few Tagish and inland Tlingit believed that the bones should be returned to the water, but from the Tagish annual cycle, it appears that the bodies were fed to dogs and it was just the head that was cleaned and burned. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution; 1978: 368-383. 72. Automobile collisions and trapping are two major sources of muskrat mortality. In: The Vanta Kutchin Bulletin No 130, Anthropological Series No 33. edn. Ottawa: Government Printing Bureau; 1916. Grand Rapids, Michigan: The Grand Rapids Inter-Tribal Council; 1986. 56. Savishinsky JS, Hara HS: Hare. A good parasite cleanse diet involves eating herbs, natural whole foods and taking supplements that will help the body eliminate parasites. 42. McClellan C: My Old People Say: An Ethnographic Survey of Southern Yukon Territory-Part 1. It is transmitted through the accidental ingestion of eggs of tapeworms. Schaefer O, Steckle J: Dietary Habits and Nutritional Base of Native Populations of the Northwest Territories. Cover the meat with Worcestershire sauce and tomato paste. Regardless, trapping and eating muskrat is a rich Delmarva tradition that continues today. 52. The animal does not seem to be high in the spirit power world of the Tutchone, Tagish and Tlingit; nor does it appear as sib crests in their cultures [46]. Edited by Trigger BG. 68. Edited by Helm J. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution; 1981: 291-299. Muskrats are around the size of large rats. In. The Iroquois considered it taboo to place a muskrat carcass on the ground after it had been skinned; they believed that doing so would cause the muskrat to be insulted, resulting in few or no muskrats allowing themselves to be captured [64]. Muskrats are carriers of tularemia, hemorrhagic septicemia, leptospirosis salmonellosis, ringworm, pseudotuberculosis. Stoddard NB: Micmac Foods, vol. edn. Ross JA: Spokane. Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace College Publishers; 1996. Muskrats build floating houses made of vegetation or occupy dens along water banks. edn. Raby S, Bone RM, Shannon EN: An Historic and Ethnographic Account to the 1920's. Read on to learn how to clean and cook muskrat meat. However, the average muskrat mainly sticks to a plant-based diet consisting of aquatic plants, such as roots, water grasses, and leaves. Canadian Journal of Public Health 1997, 88(2):105-108. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institution; 1990: 197-202. Aside from the flesh, other parts eaten included the brain, head, liver, tail and skull [20, 74, 76]. 30. Ottawa: National Museum of Canada Bulletin No. Tanner A: Bringing Home Animals: Religious Ideology and Mode of Production of the Mistassini Cree Hunters, vol. Wilson DE, Ruff S: The Smithsonian book of North American mammals. They can remain under water for feeding dives lasting up to 15 minutes. 2:161-171. Soak the muskrat meat overnight in a salt water (1 tbsp. Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada: The Canadian Indian: Yukon and Northwest Territories. In: Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 12: Plateau. Others lured muskrat with a teasing, “kissing” sound when traveling on water. An individual muskrat yields only a pound of flesh, but when caught in large numbers, muskrat forms a considerable volume of food, of which many cultures took advantage [12]. 33. 83. 16. Russel F: Explorations in the Far North. Differences may include secondary sex characteristics, size, weight, colour, markings, and may also include behavioral and cognitive differences. Cook at least 1 hour or until the meat is tender. Morrison DA: The Kugaluk Site and the Nuvorugmiut: The Archaeology and History of a Nineteenth-Century Mackenzie Inuit Society. However, with a little preparation and creativity, muskrat meat can make a tasty meal. McKennan RA: Economic Life. 57. Howard JH: The Canadian Sioux. In: Explorations in the Far North. 43. PARASITES OF OHIO MUSKRATS Parasites of the muskrat (Ondatra zibeth­ ica) have received considerable study, but little in Ohio. In: Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 6: Subarctic. Parasites are a class of living organisms that feed off nutrients and energy from their hosts. In: Contributions to the Ethnography of the Kutchin. 39. Hull, Quebec: National Musems of Canada; 1988. Arctic 1994, Vol. In: Penobscot Man The Life History of a Forest Tribe in Maine. They also dried muskrat for later use as dog food by skinning the carcass, splitting it in the middle and drying it whole [73]. edn. 87. 71. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania: The Museum; 1911. 2. I had fun reading it to the family. ; 1987. Davis SD: Prehistory of Southeastern Alaska. edn. The adults have a head (termed a scolex), a neck, and a …

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