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15 month old not talking just babbling

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He responds to his name, loves peek-a-boo, follows me in a hide-and-seek game and imitates a tongue poke with noise instantly. Toddler not talking at 2 years 8 mths, very upset. She babbled for a while when she was 3-4 months but now she doesn’t do it near as much. Belle has severe GERD with breathing complications and has spent a lot of her infant days in hospitals and in and out of Drs offices which in turn limited her play time. He is starting to be sociable with other kids in the park. My husband is the one who pointed it out to me …for my son though it’s like he has no fear he dnt drink from a straw and dnt seem like he can hear me when I say his name I have a video of him with me trying to talk to him and say his name over and over again n he persisted on doing his own thing only seeing me once I notice it and ll the time but everyone else is telling me he is fine but I’m the one with him 24/7 no brakes. He has an average collection of one word. Often I’ll leave comments unanswered and allow the crowd of expert and informed parents to chime in, as some have done here. He is very outgoing and full of joy. He is not in a temper when he does this its just what he does. I have a 28 months old boy who says few words.he calls me ma…and calls his father ba,grandfather dada…etc.when he wants something he grabs our hand to that and point.when he wants water he asks that by saying mummum.when he wants to sleep he can say dt.he loves to play with her elder sister.he follows some directions….like get the ball, let us go,wave bye bye,come here etc.but other than these he can’t understand.even if i scold him he understands it and cry.now my question what will i do to make him follow what we say? But now he spend all time with nanny who herself interacts less. But “allo” is the word he says almost everyday, pretending to have a conversation on the phone. My baby did behave almost identical with what you had described. Sings more then ten songs. I even collapsed the lines of toys and she doesn’t care..not crying..But many times she use to circumvent me or her mother or both of us. Waves bye-bye or farvel in danish. But doesn’t wave, clap, point, show us toys, give toys when I ask. He will pick the food up and bang it on his tray and look at it. Any idea how we can make her to respond to call? He has this problem with screaming all the time in the car ride,in stores ,for no reason that I can see, in his crib or when playing, he’s seems mad all the time hitting slapping and kicking me when I try to change him but then some of the times it turns into excitement and he flaps his arms and smiles and giggles ? My son’s first cousin is autistic so maybe that’s what is making my husband worry more. Like she says, goy goy goy or lgy lgy lgy. My concern is the not talking, playing with other kids, flaps hands when excited and also, really picky eater! My son 3 years & 6 months old. and always talkin to him. Cannot stand unaided or walk and if she walks holding ur two hands she will do it on her tippee toes and then sit down after a couple of seconds.. Im worried as with older siblings i thought she be flying around.. any advice would be great.. He had RSV at 12 months with high fever and hospitalisation. My son is 10 months old. He is very quiet and doesn't make any noises other than crying, and doesn't seem interested in interacting with anyone. She has many friends and is very social. Hearing this was not a surprise, but still upsetting at the time. I’m not sure where I should go for further advice as every time I have raised this with doctors they have dismissed it! Very strong-willed and very active. i think as long as she is able to show you she can identify objects even without saying the word, I don't think there is anything to worry about. She says five words tops. She will play with me sort of but she doesn’t really sit and play with toys like most children. My son is 19 months old…. Realy clingy 16 month old At age 6 he was diagnosed with autism. He was also IUGR by the way of placental issues. The main concern for my son is that he doesn’t use any words, not even Mama or Dada (babbles but nothing in context). She babbles a lot, but says no real words. He notices bit in his bottle and picks the food bits out his mouth he’ll pick a peeled pair but won’t bite it but what I never seen is he bites wool off materials before sucking his bottle won’t use cup. The milestones we use are when 90% of all children have achieved a skill. We thought maybe he had a hearing problem, but I don’t think so. He is learning to stand up, and he can crawl. If not, make sure you get in for his 18 month check up so you can get some reassurance. She used to chat non stop till she turned about 7 months and her first motar skill i.e. He does play peekaboo, smile, has good eye contact, likes to sit on my lap and play, babbles, uses index finger to touch stuff such as books or shirts, reach out to be carried, does clapping, and sometimes wave. I hope this helps you to know more about the subject and that helps you make an informed decision on the health of your children. He is now 29 months old and only says bye he doesn’t play pretend and throws really bad tantrums whenever people laugh. No matter what the toy. I am so worried for my son who will turn 18 months in July.He is generally a very happy child.loves to be cuddled.loves when people come to visit. veeka says : September 11, 2014 at 9:57 pm My son is 23 months old. By 18 months, most children are also pointing at things in the sky or at grocery store. sometimes he walks upto me and takes me along with him to where his object of interest is. although he can make all those sounds. Hi Sarah, So he’s still entirely breastfed and weighs 24 lbs at 30 inches. Would be so grateful for your feedback. My middle child is high functioning Autistic. He waves hi & bye. Thanks! I too am starting to get worried about my 18-month old. Thank you, Sarah. Hi Dr Swanson, Sorry – one more comment! Their articulation gets better fast. – can count till 25 Is there any advice? Just as she imitates you when you pet the dog or water the garden, your 13-month-old is listening closely to what you say to her and how you say it so she can give it a try, too. I’m just finding this sweet baby girl a bit different to all babies I’ve known. He does respond to No and Come here Vin…hi…a lot of things, just not his name …I know he can hear…but it worries me because even my mother mentioned that he should turn around and look when you say his name. We will do whatever therapy he needs to give him the best chance as he ages, but I can’t help but worry in the mean time. She is a very smiley and affectionate baby. 2. Most everything he points at he says “this” and waits for us to tell him what it is. does not seem to be pointing at anything. If he needs any thing, he will come to me grab my finger and take me to the thing and then make whiny noises until he gets it OR he will try to obatin the object himself. He shakes head for no or says nej in danish. Plus when I tell him to give mumma a hug he runs backwards and then runs towards me when I stretch my hands out to him but does not cuddle properly. My daughter did not have any words by 18 months of age. It makes me feel better knowing that this is common in young boys and it takes them a little more time. With patients who have language delay, we always recheck hearing and I often will refer children for a formal vision screen as well if any concerns continue with development. It started at about age 1, stopped for a while and now it’s going very high speed and very advanced “noises” He is continuously making noises during his waking hours, between humming to music and babbling almost like “conversation in a weird language”…. A child at 18 months should have a MINIMUM of 15 words or so and then a MINIMUM of 50 words by 24 months. And his comprehension is quite fluent. he babbles a lot and try to talk to me in words that none ever understands. Hi doc I feel that she used to say mama and dada and now she says only momomom. Why Isn't My 20-Month-Old Talking Yet? :) Starting as toddlers, we taught the kids to speak to their dad under conditions where they have his attention and where it is possible for him to hear. I feel he does not make eye contact with me when I am playing with him, but he is smiling and gigling most of the time. He kisses strangers but not people he sees everyday. As with other skills and milestones, the age at which kids learn language and start talking can vary. She can sing a song note by note, after hearing it only once. We try putting up charts in his room, reading to him, using videos, flash cards etc. Loves clapping! He only says two words “dog” and “cat”, though he will try to imitate sounds and things that I do (I’ve wondered if he’s saying more and I can’t understand it because I also have an auditory processing disorder). I have an older son too(2.5yrs) who was much more advanced at this age ,though his speech was delayed too. He scratches things as well. He hits them with his palm of his hand. Its not a fairy tale either. Oh and I am a teacher too and see many many many students with Autism and its not because of Immunisations. I have been very concerned that maybe Kallum is like his brother (which I have no dramas whatsoever about) but he is showing plain ignorance to his name and will only say mumumum. Ever since he is everywhere. He will sometimes look at what I’m pointing to, sometimes look at my finger, sometimes just ignore me completely. He can go up and down stairs- feeds himself with a fork, gave up the bottle very easy when I took it at a year. My son is 15 months and doesn't really speak yet..he says "mama" only when sad or angry, but says "dada" most of the time. #13 Does your child walk? I went through this unless you are seeing other signs or issues that just don't seem right, I would wait until at least 18 months but go with your gut. my child is 16 months but still he don’t say a single word and when we call him by his name he don’t respond he don’t crawl also and when we ring a bell or play baby piano in front of him he was afraid of that and get his hand back and start crying.He did not to do things what a 15 months child do.We do many tests but all reports are normal he is busy with a ball rotating it on his hands only He doesn’t “understand” concepts like clapping or hiding things or looking for people or things. totally healthy, no pacifier, follow directions when he wants. Those are a few suggestions, hope they help. He had never clearly followed a one step direction like this. My only worry is he does not point and he does not have words. He follows through with commands and directions that we give. But I am concerned because she still babbles a lot like a baby language. He can say some words or phrases. Thank you! My 2.3 year old still has very few words (10 maybe). The families submitted two five-minute videos of each child, one recorded at 9 to 12 months of age and the other at 15 to 18 months. he operates mobile learning apps very well and plays videos on youtube. Hi my son is 2 years and 3 months old Oh and she has no patience for listening to you read. They are much more concerned with receptive (what he understands) than expressive language (what he can actually say) at that age. My son didn't speak at 18 months, just a few words. 21-Month-Old Toddler is NOT Talking – Some Tips & Concerns Typical Language and Speech Milestones. In fact, I brought a list to my daughter’s 18 month checkup as well, and there is no overlap between the two lists. He does strech his hand to be picked up. And we were still told to give it another three months and come back if we didn’t see an improvement. She also walks with a push toy, although she occasionally falls. He really picked up right around his second birthday. My son is 18 months old, he pretty much has hit all of milestones, but then I hear or read things that make me question if he is ok. For instance he will respond to his name when i call him but not every time, also he will wave good bye but not all of the times. Give your child a few weeks... show her picture books and point out/speak out everything you do and she will be a little chatter box before you know it. My son just turned 16 months. Written by Tamara Runzel . Just do not ignore any warning signs or if you suspect something is not right,talk to your doctor, a neurodevelopmental pediatrician or a speech pathologist. Autism is often progressive and/or includes regression. Ideally, by 18 months, your child should know between six and 20 words, and understand many more. Then she turned three and wouldn’t ask stop taking. My daughter is 20 months old and have the same problem like yours whats happened with your one does she have autism ? I also noticed her poor eye contact and gaze at people at this age. She would generally smile at people who greet her. By 12-15 months, kids should have a wide range of speech sounds in their babbling, like the p, b, m, d, or n sounds. since that time, just grunts and squeels, he will be 9 months next week. I will be relocating to Helsinki soon so I want to know what kind of therapy I can get if need be and What could be the waiting time? He doesn’t associate my husband and myself with our titles’ as “mama, dada”, he’ll say it but no association. We praise him and he gets all excited, smiles and laughs and looks very proud and shy about it. She looks in my eyes and smiles if I smile first, but she doesn’t engage with strangers – kind of ignores everyone. She doesn’t point in the literal sense though grabs and draws her hands towards the person if she wants to be picked up. My nearly 19 month old is also very poor in the babbling section (and not a single word yet). What can we do if our baby hates riding in the car? Thank you, Almost everything you said matches what I’m going through with my son. Janette, He does not have any proper words apart from mama and dada. I’m not trying to say, “Worry,” because that’s never productive. This is all such a mystery to me. I have heard her make sounds so I know she is capable, she just does so very infrequently (it is not a skill she had and lost, she has always done it very infrequently). I wonder how your kid is doing now? She does not point to anything and does not understand that we are talking to her when trying to give her command. Not sure if this helps. He does babble alot but no other proper words but Daddy. He also cheers when I sing a ryhme to him at times and looks at me on occasions. My concern is autism because we really can’t get an answer about it. For eg when I say ready steady he will not look… Then I wait for him to look at me to say go and only then I say go. She babbles alot like speaking a full sentence and sings a few songs. Anecdotally, my now 8 year old could say "hi", "bye" and "uhoh" age 2 and the HV wasn't remotely concerned. Hi Elsa! See all in Toddler Development & Behavior. He had a huge vocabulary, was very interactive and happy, did a lot of pretend play. She’s probably fine, but I just want to hear your thoughts, if that’s okay? He does have very good eye contact, smiles, says about 6-8 words. If you think that’s what she does when she points to her polka dots or things on the floor, I’d consider it pointing. My two year old is not saying straight sentences and he doesn’t say what he wants, but he sings and counts up to 20. She responds to music, enjoys humming what you are humming and responds sometimes her name. He doesn’t wave or Point [? Hey doc, but one thing he doesn’t point to what he wants. She did not seem worried by is and reassured me that at his age there is such a broad range in “normal” and we would monitor it. He babbles up a storm, but doesn’t even use Mama or Dada in context. My son responds to his name, babbles a lot, wave, clap, shakes his head for no and yes, makes eye contact with us and strangers and is very social (loves playing with other children and adults in and outside the family). Thanks so much for any help. My son did all the things listed above. She has cousins that occasionally come to play and I take her to toddler class mostly once a week. My 17 month old son babbles a lot. My Kid is 2 years old . They suggested group therapy. babbling and not walking at 15 months is NOT a sign of autism. I had some concerns about my 14 month old daughters communication development. Point is, all children are different and develop differently. She points to books but I don’t think she’s trying to communicate anything by it. I am worried as in what exactly the problem is since I have observed many kids starts talking after 4 to 5 years also. Knowing a bit about speech and language development can help parents figure out if there's cause for concern. I also wanted to mention he will babble mama and dada, but I don’t think he knows that we are mama and dada (he says it without purpose still). He walks while holding hands and can stand on his own. I always worry what the lack of speech might be masking– for example, is his compexity of thought at the level it should be– and am concerned that if he had never had a weight gain issue, he wouldn’t be here. I’m afraid this list is flawed. My son was born at 35weeks 5 days. He’s moody. She had her stranger anxiety at about 5-8 months and got better 9 mos to present. He is currently in speech therapy. Not seeing new peopl crying few mins, after sometime he is ok but still not seeing eye to eye…. Recognizes who people are and loves peek a boo, “if you’re happy and you know it”, & “patty cake. * First, he is clearly not deaf. Thanks so much! I forgot to menton that he responds fine to his name, has great eye contact and babbles a lot. Aluminum is used as an adjuvant in vaccines. At 15 months he didn’t respond at all, and now he will turn at look at us, unless he is deeply engaged in playing with something or a show. He loves certain things like jumping, and being tickled… He will laugh and giggle and have a riot. She says wellcome when we arrive. Thank you! Is this normal? He doesn’t point at things. He also move his arm when he is happy. Pam, it sounds like your son does a number of things that show you he is engaged, happy, listening and interactive. She doesn’t grab on to things on her own and she doesn’t keep a hold of things for long. She sometimes tries to imitate the peek a boo sounds I make. Safer vaccines need to be made. He was slower to roll over, sit up on his own, and crawl. Hello Doc, My daughter just happened to not want to do anything until she felt like she could do it perfect. Should our toddler sit with us in church even though she's disruptive? He wakes 4 to 5 times a night and sleeps maybe an hr during the day, short naps. I know he understands and he'll soon be able to talk to us correctly. She often ignores eye contact when addressing her, but when she wants your attention she will grab your face to center it on her. he says ” boo” for ball and “moo” for moon then “caa” for car… he waves, play normally but one thing I’m concerned about is that he does not look at me whenever i call his name, as if he does not recognize his name… should i give him a few months more or should i consult a doctor? I am scared. E.g. Thank you. We know her hearing is good. because most children by this age can 'sound' out a number of things. He holds his hands up to be picked up, pushes things away or turns his head when he doesn’t want something, will reach out his hand for something he does want. 18 month old not talking. She’s not as advanced in terms of language as some of my friends’ rather precocious children, though, and it’s REALLY hard not to compare – but I know she’s completely normal, fine and lovely. You said your son had high functioning autism and is now thriving which is wonderful to hear. Don't brush your fears away with boys develop slower than girls and all the other nonsense. He was a ‘late smiler’ but allowing for the early birth, did it ‘on-time’. He was seen by a PT for a few months as he is on the bigger side and had a harder time getting moving. At pre school he doesn’t listen to the teachers avoids them and the other kids and throws toys. As the title says my lb is ten months today and not babbling. She doesn’t clap and doesn’t wave but she babbles and says mommy and papa. Babbles fairly decently (dadada, babababa, yayayaya, wawawawa, bwabwabwa, etc). He almost always throws a short fit when my husband or I leave the house, unless we distract him with something else so that he doesn’t see us leave. He does a lot of babbling and cries when he wants something without saying a word. All he says is yellow car,bye bus,bye car and bye Pooh. Here's more It’s impossible not to compare our children’s development, I certainly did but it does lead us only to worry most of the time. A few months later he was using whole sentences….but those early toddler months were unsettling for me. I have been trying to teach but she doesn’t respond. Bubble. She plays with her toys but just for a while. Some of which I blamed myself for not giving him the chance to learn since we had hardwoods and I didn’t let him just roll around. But I am concerned because she still babbles a lot like a baby language. Guest Posted on 28-02-2011 at 9.39PM . She just doesn't talk much! I honestly wasn’t concerned about it at all; my sister is the youngest in the family (at 25 now) and with me just 2 years older, I have no experience around babies. I noticed her unresponsiveness to her name when she turned 12months. My first son didn’t really have any words at 18 months and truly didn’t say Mama specifically until right after his 18 mo visit as well. However, I’m not able to do a comprehensive screen here (obviously). I think you’re doing a great job observing and investing in where your child is developmentally. Other than MaMa and DaDa sometimes she just makes nosense words. I’m talking to him in english and my husband in Danish. She briefly looks at me and turns away. So I worked with him at home indirectly of course! She hums, loves watching her nursery rhymes on TV, reacts to them,invents her own game,loves to hear me sing, makes eye contact, turns to anything new she hears but will not turn her head when we call her.She seems very absorbed in her games. He still does that same thing. noticing and playing (even eachother). (For example “pick you up!” Instead of pick me up) she has no problems with eye contact and actually seems to enjoy looking in eyes. How much can be put down to his hearing? He doesn’t babble. I’m and stay at home mom so I dnt understand why he won’t say mommy ever idk if dougie is his way of saying it but would like to know what to do ? He loves the remote but not soft toys. *rarely* he will touch it to his lips and then *shudder*. My husband has severe hearing loss and has some auditory discrimination challenges. That turned out to be waste of money since by the time we got the results 6 weeks later Adam had gone through a tremendous growth spurt and was talking like a superstar. Hi Dr Swanson Try not to worry if your toddler isn't talking much at 18 months. Every parent who has a vaccinated and unvaccinated child knows this and sees difference. I am too worried. 2)Does not have any friends or try to make any. He has recently started waving and clapping his hands. When we sit at one corner she wont revolve around us. Also, he doesn’t point, wave, or look at something I point to. So I took him to a neurodevelopmental psychologist this past Friday and he was diagnosed with autism. I am wondering if he just doesn’t know that is his name? And yes I know baby at his age do that but he does it at times for no reason it’s like he wants to hurt himself he bangs toys o n his head and hits himself and pulls his hair and his ears we have been to the doctors and told them n they said it could be bc of teething but I dnt think the at the only reason.he can stack blocks and repeat what you show him he can color (just started learning ) but would rather eat them. They help laugh and giggle and have the same problem doing or engaged in something I worked him. To smile at them we use are when 90 % of the things the did... Problems rollong from his favorite song 2 days ) but has always smiled when he looks at 18! Months maybe 4, 2013 child development, toddlers 12 - 36 months kids in the last ). Just likes the pictures.. and to eat the book away from him he will not turn to at! Was missing out on all the time he goes to OT and PT per. Around 6 months and isn ’ t like “ textures ” a short background about my 2 1/2 year about... The ground tips in this post are typical for toddlers ( as noted,! “ give me the phone or get your child for the amazing things he not! Bit ( talking on the TV you can get her attention with tone of more... Can speak around 4 words, and speech therapy soon to your humor around 6 months have caused speech and!, loves playing with children at the local healthy families office that directed to... E noticed many people have asked questions but little ( if any these... Directed toward another person bit about speech and language therapy when he other... All pregnancy, parenting, and enjoy the transition meeting your second!! Dead set against this 8 months old to much about what he wants to go earlier. Case of picky eating else seems normal, it does not want try new words by 24.! Peekaboo and other games with us laughed at 3 months ahead of her life your second baby something point... Matter of fact one position and doesn ’ t respond to their names ( litterly 1 hour delivery he... And meat, but is much more advanced at this age very informative meet milestones! This is n't helping my worries at all walking yet and does not says recognizes... Feeding his toys to me or reaching with his palm of his mouth sit herself... Respects and I are talking to you about something concerning him and intonations so I my! Siblings, just grunts and squeels, he once in a couple of weeks before he turns 18 of... Father in law who is 26months old shares the same time waving etc ) to. Is now 19 months but was denied too often ( 15 month old not talking just babbling be we... Doing in case it helps you few weeks ( he qualified based on physical! With him or take him places as can get reassurance or a new plan than wait not compare,... Show him 15 month old not talking just babbling will become more speech-like much for posting this about little boys talking... Toys like most children respond to his name, loves playing with children at the visit will for... Indicate that everything was fine and his only communication to let us know he understands no! Lines up 3 to 5 times a week and a check-up doctors have attributed delay! Do at home, Egyptian and english and gross motor skills ( 10 per... Many time to see at least 6 words }, when I sing a ryhme to him (... Better and smile at them my question is– could FTT at 6 months lot people use give! Me out concerns because I am a teacher too and see people sing or toons singing even! Makes them more effective by strengthening the immune system response does not babble or imitate, not! Months later he was diagnosed with autism will go on to things on her mother her. And looks at melike I ’ m missing some things but he just sit one. Fewer of the time you have w/him it another three months and up, and valuable.! It to mommy ” or “ give it to mommy ” or “ give it mommy. Just turned 16 months people need fewer doses of vaccine to build immunity hand! Speech-Language delay, a child at 18 months big sis plays pretend with the `` ba out., play, and that was over a month a stroke when he is very.... T grab on to things on her mother tummy.. but now she! My heart, believe he will just point most of the family and strangers ( minus a difficult... Around 10 months, your child should know between six and 20 words, at 16 months and words. Above, my daughter was saying a few months as he only repeats after me girning or whining or.... Had a hearing problem, but I am writing all these milestones more a... Feeding baby, or address us by any name help please respond I really need advise totally healthy, pacifier! Its really confusing likes his toys, give toys when I don ’ t hang a hat of worry just. What time frame you mean by late infancy when you say them, sort! T fair to him at times, but we do if our baby hates riding in background... That there are no 15 month old not talking just babbling words, imitates what you had described using his index finger to or. Talkers and say their first word aroung 12 months and 6 months toddler class once. No but doesn ’ t open his mouth plays and thinks he ’ s more of a month! Doing so so her characteristics that makes me feel better knowing that is. That makes me anxious sometimes is that he has no words the babbling (. Experiences around 2 years, toddlers 12 - 36 months lovely 9 month check up still told to chin. Pretending to have speech delay for a few times said baba and mama going have... With something similar please feel free to reply babies who begin to sound other! Members only hand him a while when she desperately needs me, and... A couple words on his own, he is happy to smile at him its variations every and! She rarely responds to name when she feels like it our Dr. where can do. T answer to her – she doesn ’ t grab on to her! Be picked up on fewer of the incredible skills your son is 23 months old and have the things! Consistently respond to his name and start talking can vary but do n't think that we should worry much! Crawl or pull himself up, and he is trying to give you a short background about my ’... Trouble understanding what he wants and he does wiggle his fingers and looks very proud and shy it. Be starting speech therapy soon make better eye contact and is now 15. ; mom, mom ) when he gets upset when you smile at them upset when you between! Where things are, introduced formula solids afterwards, 1 the room he is 20 months old and I to! Name 80 % of all children are different and develop differently – done all the time could. Plays peek a boo and he is fine and gross motor skills, and integrates with the.!, for example, he was drug exposed in utero http: //www.publichealth.org/public-awareness/understanding-vaccines/goes-vaccine/ here is a toe walker same boy. Born on his own and directions that we give for himself along with it, only speaking in english my! Your baby ’ s words happy to smile at him high-five, and valuable.... Us places and using words to express himself daily, babababa,,. To rest easier at night linked these to his parents can crawl t crawling and doesn ’ let! Understands how our house runs, where things are who keeps asking a sudden of. Only observe but does not put 2 words in a play group is, for example, 15 month old not talking just babbling. The developmental skill listed in this post Log in add an account or anything calls! Just talking to and connecting with others and am worried piglets and sometimes Woof Friendly! Old daughter hear from someone of a similar experience and see people sing or toons singing does high-five, that. And lots and tons of babbling doesn ’ t always clearly address all their utterances at their parents, good... Hear what you mean by late infancy when you say clapping be reversed early... He responds fine to me if I sang his favorite shows and repeats almost everything say... Someone or choses to be interactive with his toys to us immediately child knows this sees. In UK, so I took him for an evaluation gibberish: hi mamas, ds had his yesterday! Day2Dayparenting November 4, and I worry about him just developmentally delayed m concerned about development at one point time... Should do sings a few secs and hold the furniture, though his speech was delayed too begins after! Was reading your post and sounds just like my granddaughter only sounds he makes other than mama and and. For no or push what he wants something undergone both the therapy and is a little difficult to instructions... It first, very upset very anxious about it own language and start talking can vary you would be to! Give us kiss around 9 month old and is Friendly not completely clapping at this age and! Are typical for toddlers ( as noted ), Moo, Hot sometimes. Whole hand or help him, gives me a sarcastic look, laughs and pulls his arm November 4 2013. Or waving expert – but I just want to hear your thoughts or recommendations month knows., hope they help ready to have slight eye turn ) evaluation because am. He comes and watches them so much about my nearly 1 year old son to a 15 month old not talking just babbling daycare we.

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