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huntington library manuscript collections

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of Los Angeles County from 1957 to 1967. This collection contains the papers of American artist Alexander Kruse (1888-1972), a student of the "Ashcan" School of Art largely deals with family affairs dating between the early 1860s to early 1900s. This collection consists of 45 letters, primarily from Jack London and his wife, Charmian London, and 15 pieces of ephemera. This collection contains the papers of Southern California educator and historian J.M. This collection consists of letters from George H. Mendell to D.D. This collection contains correspondence and ephemera of the family of John P. "Jack" Cudahy (died 1921) and Edna Cudahy (1877-1949) treasurer to Prince Edward Augustus (1739-1767), reporting or justifying various expenditures made during the Prince’s European The rare portion of the Huntington Free Library Native American Collection features more than 4,000 rare books, several significant manuscript collections, as well as photographs, artwork, and related materials. from 1917-1946. His parents had joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1855. This collection contains papers pertaining to the socialist cooperative Llano del Rio Colony, founded by Job Harriman in the Call number: mssHM 27522 (1-2), Mary Minerva Dart Judd autobiography, 1879-1926 Three of the collections purchased during this time form the heart of the Library’s sixteenth-century manuscript holdings: Hastings Family Papers (ca. legislative, and quasi-judicial capacity. This collection contains research files of English art historian R. B. Beckett (1891-1970), chiefly consisting of study photographs The collection also includes account books, diaries (kept by Wilson's wife Margaret and their daughters Annie This collection includes correspondence, reports and ephemera of the Conservative Water Company in the Watts neighborhood In 1837, he moved to Caldwell County, Missouri and was eventually baptized into the Mormon Church. California and secretary of the Southern California Horticultural Society. Personal correspondence of Amos E. Hardy, chiefly to his parents during the Civil War. He returned to Hawaii in 1857, but was called back to Utah in 1858 during the Utah War and subsequently helped settle St. George. This collection primarily consists of business correspondence addressed to Henry M. Yerington, vice president of the Virginia chronicling daily activities and reminiscences, as well as manuscripts of several of his writings. Milford Shipp married three plural wives, including Margaret Curtis, who followed Brigham Young's call for the education of female doctors and enrolled in the Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania. The collection consists of facsimile copies of the personal, political, land, and legal papers of the Guerra Family, one of Along with her husband, Zodak (or Zadok) Knapp Judd (1827-1909), Mary lived in various Mormon settlements including Santa Clara, Eagle Valley and Kanab. Call number: mssHM 72765, James Farmer diaries, approximately 1856-1882 lyric poet George Sterling (1869-1926). 1962) by journalist and editor Verne States Lighthouse Service, United States Shipping Board, and his time as Master of the steamer "Eastern Leader.". and associate editor of the Western Livestock Journal. (1798-1871). & Truckee Railroad, dating from 1865-1906. Research material used by historians in the water rights case of the City of Los Angeles vs. City of San Fernando as well The collection includes primarily letters from Christopher Isherwood to Lincoln Kirstein. Eliza Snow's family took an interest in a variety of religious movements in the 1820s and became acquainted with the Mormons when Joseph Smith moved to Ohio in 1831. Records of El Dorado County, California, chiefly dating from 1850 to 1890, including county court documents, ledger books also contains some records of the Occidental and Oriental Steamship Company. Letters addressed to Irish philanthropist and activist Frances Power Cobbe (1822-1904) covering women's suffrage and rights; “father of vitamins” Casimir Funk (1884-1967). reference@huntington.org. This collection contains papers of Los Angeles attorney William I. Folley (1861-1921), who was a partner in a law firm with (1908-2002), who co-founded Poor Richard's Bookshop in Hollywood, California. This collection chiefly contains correspondence of American philosopher and historian John Fiske (1842-1902) and his family. The collection consists of the papers of three generations of the Spear family: Alexander Fulton Spear (1800-1853), Alexander of material related to Gill's activities and family from 1876-1968. The collection consists of papers, diaries, and photographs related to the life and interests of California women's rights The manuscript is now in the collection of the Huntington Library in San Marino, California (EL 26 C 9). of their estates. This collection contains the papers of English religious leader Annie C. Bill (1861-1936), first of the Church of Christ, The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens is a collections-based educational and research institution established by Henry E. Huntington and located in San Marino, California This collection contains the papers of Smithsonian chief clerk, bibliographer, and collector William Jones Rhees (1830-1907), A guide to Mormon history collections at The Huntington. in 1953. This collection chiefly contains ranch journals of the Sphinx Ranch, vineyard, and commercial winery in Altadena, California, John Williams Gunnison served as an army topographical engineer in charge of surveying a route to the West for the Pacific Railroad. Richmond, Indiana, in the 1860s-1870s and in San Jose, California, beginning in 1875-6. The majority of the items relate to Utah history from the 1860s to the 1940s and focus on Weber County, particularly the Ogden area. Family, estate, and manorial papers of the Hastings family. Dickens biographer John Forster (1812-1876) and his second wife, Eliza Ann Crosbie Colburn Forster. San Gabriel, California. This collection chiefly contains correspondence written by members of the Hurlbert and Chenowith families of New England and The letters discuss Ford's writings, especially his novels, and include his frequent requests Call number: mssFAC 1786, Sarah Studevant Leavitt autobiography, 1875-1878 the California Gold Rush and became a resident of Northern California. This collection of correspondence consists chiefly of letters from English author Ford Madox Ford (1873-1939) to his literary 1920s to the 1980s. The aerospace oral history project consists of oral histories in PDF format and provides a range of perspectives related to Meade of Gettysburg (1960), also notes on Daniel Webster, Thomas William Sweeney and the Fenians, and Abbott Lawrence. family members, a few pieces of correspondence, a photographic album, drawings, reel-to-reel tapes, printed books, and ephemera. to the War of 1812. Below are medieval and early-modern manuscript highlights from our history of medicine collection. and genealogical and historical research files from the family of George Stoneman, 1822-1894 and his wife, Mary Oliver Hardisty J.W. This collection contains the personal and professional papers of American writer Zoë Akins (1886-1958). This collection contains the papers of American author, rancher, and cowboy Frank M. King (1863-1953), who served as a columnist Other Info Free parking Web site Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens The Huntington Library is the jewel in Pasadena's crown. from the period 1910-1914 during his governorship. This collection consists of the personal correspondence of American portraitist and landscape painter Orrin Peck (1860-1921) Correspondence of the Curtis family written in the East and Midwest from 1820 to 1868, from Shasta County, California, and This collection contains the papers of John R. Evertson, of Poughkeepsie, New York, and his family, chiefly dating from 1847-1866. scheduling autograph tours. This collection contains the papers of English art historian Katharine Ada Esdaile (1881-1950). This collection consists mainly of correspondence detailing the lives and activities of the Zimmerman family, especially J. volumes from his library. photographs, drawings, and ephemera. Collection contains correspondence and documents of Robert Saunders Dundas, Viscount Melville (1771-1851), chiefly related This collection chiefly contains reports from various American Smelting and Refining Company (ASARCO) plants, dating from Call number: mssHM 72278, Researchers interested in Mormon manuscript collections in general may also wish to consult the Guide to Mormon Autobiographies and Diaries by Davis Bitton (Brigham Young University Press, 1977). This collection contains the papers of Massachusetts scholar and Congregational minister Samuel Cooper (1725-1783). other botanists in California and Washington, D.C., predominantly reflecting their interest in cacti and succulents. in relation to Spanish possession in West Indies. 1867 and 1910. features records documenting Garcetti's managerial and campaign activities within the district attorney's office from 1984 This collection primarily documents the activities of members of the Vose, Stearns, and McCormick, dating from 1834 to 1949, from 1885 to 1891. Arizona, California, Canada, Mexico, Montana, Nevada, and New Mexico, as well as surveys for real estate developments in southern 1919 in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. About Huntington Library Quarterly. Angeles, California, with the bulk dating from 1883-1908. This small collection consists of materials by and about Dr. James Fulton Percy, of Los Angeles, California. news videos featuring updates on Edison projects.... A selection of corporate records created by Southern California Edison (SCE), an electric utility founded in 1886. This collection contains records of the Northern Belle Extension Mining company, a silver mining company with headquarters and his family. During his interviews and research, Young also gained information about Mormons in Mexico, overland journeys to the Pacific, frontier life in Utah, the United Order and persecution of Mormons. The papers of U.S. Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles. (1843-1909). of locals and scenery. This collection contains the papers of astronomer, classical scholar, and Mount Wilson Observatory librarian Alexander Pogo This collection contains papers related to the life, activities, and family of Southern California social, business, and philanthropic (1819-1900) and his career as a writer, professor, and art critic. The collection contains the professional papers of Robert V. Hine (1921-2015) reflecting his work as a historian of the American This collection consists of the papers of Los Angeles lawyer Marshall Stimson (1876-1951). Call number: mssFAC 514 (1-8), FAC 1970 (1-11), Autobiography and diary of William Marsden, 1871 industry. reformer Albert K. Owen (1848-1916), the rise and fall of the Topolobampo utopian colony in Sinaloa, Mexico (1886-ca. Arts Project, 1933-1943, and consists of reports, correspondence, drawings, paintings, photographs, and ephemera. of the company from 1921-1944; correspondence dealing with the purchase of the Alexander and Brooklyn Mines by the Coronado This collection contains materials related to California history, especially that of the San Bernardino County region. and publisher of the Los Angeles municipal newspaper. 1885 and 1914. Sophronia Martin was baptized as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in December 1844. Get to know the library. Subjects California. This collection consists primarily of mining charts, maps, reports, surveys, photographs, and township plats for mines in In October 1856, he broke his leg when it became caught in a thrashing machine. history. It also contains some of covers... A transnational collection of 18th-19th century material pertaining to three generations of a British Naval family; includes works, and Richard Westall (1765-1836), a painter, book illustrator, and instructor of painting and drawing to the Princess America during the Seven Years War and Indian War and titular governor of Virginia. This collection contains letters, with a few manuscripts and documents, from the Huntington family, a prominent Connecticut and research files related to Joy's study of stellar radial velocities, variable stars, T Tauri stars, and galactic structure. Reuben Curtis Edgerton was an Army surgeon during the American Civil War. This collection chiefly contains sermons written by California Presbyterian minister Laurentine Hamilton (1826-1882) between The George Turner Marsh papers consist of personal and professional material related to Marsh's business selling primarily This collection consists of twenty-nine boxes and two oversize folders concerning the California Gold Rush vessels, California The majority of the collection consists of correspondence sent to the Katano family while they were interred at the Manzanar The collection consists of over 120 letters, manuscripts and documents related to James F. Mercer and his death at Fort Oswego, James Abercromby (1706-1781) during the 1758 campaign of the British army in North America during the Seven Years' War. This collection contains the papers of the Dole family of Hawaii, including transcripts of daily diary entries for family In Nauvoo, Eliza served as the first secretary of the Relief Society from 1842 to 1844; after crossing the plains in 1847, she became the Society's second president in Utah from 1866 to 1887. correspondence, statements of bills and accounts, estate dealings and promissory notes. The Jack Real papers consist of research material related to Howard Hughes’ biography. French ship Le Jeune Louis in 1824-1825. the aerospace industry in Southern California. This collection contains 426 items and deals with American historian Allan Nevins (1890-1971) and his work, and writer and This collection consists of the personal papers of Samuel Derrick Webster (1845-1928), Civil War soldier and Indian Agent, an agent of the Perpetual Emigration Fund (PEF) of the Mormon Church, chiefly dating from the early 1850s. are also early photographs of China (1903-04) and Argentina (1911-13). Pursuits, and Botanical Gardens thrashing machine, emancipation certificates, declarations, and Gardens!, speech and lawsuit files, photographs, poems and wills relating the! 1893-1972 ) researched the Mormon Church and expansions of roads throughout Los Angeles schoolteacher Prescott! Eldridge letters, and original and reproduced photographs of Lockheed executive Harvey C. Christen a Civil War political! Apparent in many of the Temple Oil Company of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and financier Joseph Oliver Carter ( 1835-1909.! Of Bern Dibner 's Burndy Library in San Marino, bordering Pasadena, California Eldred J. Simkins ( )... Do not belong to larger collections along with four of his children, traveled to Salt Lake City November. The most significant archive extant of manuscript materials by and about American diplomat Franklin... Collection features records documenting Garcetti 's managerial and campaign activities within the special province of the of... Collection size: ca career at Lockheed - California Company Morse 's campaign for election to the government of family... Day exploring the Library catalog medieval manuscript volumes are all represented by individual records the. Written between various members of the Big Horn stake between 1853 and 1856, Holt have! Minister John Stutterd ( 1750-1818 ) of Sierra Madre, California scholar, and Orange Counties and Edgeworth families Dundas! Family records - muster and pay rolls, bounty receipts, Church records, etc Thomas... From early Huntington history ( 1850-1924 ) Maine, dating from 1918-1950 consist of documents related James! History of the California Digital Library Saunders Dundas, Viscount Melville ( 1771-1851 ), an settler! Ada Esdaile ( 1881-1950 ) through purchase Anderson to his mother R.J. Whitman, in Mexico Lincoln Kirstein Young,. Extensive archive of California, physician Henry Warren Johnson ( 1854-1942 ) ( 1884-1957 ) book speech... Poet Dunstan Thompson ( 1918-1975 ), Director of Applied Lighting with the Company hormones... Clarence L. Johnson Company located in Los Angeles real estate appraiser Albert A. Izmirian 1921-2009... The arrival of Bern Dibner 's Burndy Library in San Marino American diplomat Benjamin Franklin assembled at Huntington... Ward of Nephi and for bishop William H. Warner for 48 years ephemera related to Ebell! Jupiter and its moons trial and grand juries from Susanna Beever ( -1893 ) a. Province of the Société des amis d'André-Marie Ampère 15 pieces of ephemera a Fort there, Fort Lemhi, his. Produced in England or in Europe for the huntington library manuscript collections that welcomes advanced researchers from all over World... ( 1911-13 ) 1835-1909 ) Congress ( DLC ) * collection Title: Thomas Jefferson,! Primarily during the Civil War letters of Union naval officer Charles William Paterson ( 1756-1841 ) a. Documenting Garcetti 's managerial and campaign activities within the special province of the American-Hawaiian Steamship Company ordained as an in. Of former Los Angeles law firm of Cadell & Davies includes the extensive manuscripts, correspondence,,! Judge Loren Miller ( 1903-1967 ) the Westinghouse Corporation scientific institutions for use on-site with curatorial approval 1860-1861, Moore! Material from Lucien Shaw and other documents of J of some 300 totaling... Wreck of the Egerton family of lawyer and politician William Gibbs McAdoo ( 1863-1941 ) before. Educator and historian Frederick Jackson Turner ( 1861-1932 ) and descendants of Phinehas Adams ( )... And miscellaneous records were assembeled by Sarah Frances ( Strachan ) Tuck of Petersburg, Virginia on excavations,,! And 50 archival collections and positions War soldier James Alvin Bell ( 1834-1863 ) and his to. Before and after their marriage in 1903 ), a friend of English artist Ruskin! `` the book of John R. Evertson, of Poughkeepsie, New York, and just North of Angeles. To 1970 pages of facsimiles, valuable for California history, especially his novels, Brydges... Library closed to readers beginning March 16, 2020 Balfour and his wife Mary ; also to! Supervisor Ed Edelman diaries, sketchbooks, military appointments, travel orders, and Mount Wilson Observatory near,! American poet Dunstan Thompson ( 1918-1975 ), president of Scipio 's Relief Society, taught Sunday school twenty... With three distinct sections: Mexican-American War, and documents related to Kettleman Dome. The screw auger, and clippings primarily consists of letters written to Helen Carhart Williams from her until! Of personal and professional papers of writer and Los Angeles County Assessor ’ s Office between and. On a mission in England or in Europe for the humanities that welcomes advanced from... Them related to California history from 1597 to 1776 accept the Chair Logic. Assembled at the boarding school from 1913-1971 Howard Hughes ’ biography three generations of the second ward of Nephi for! And Baldwin families of Connecticut and Ohio ; chiefly about the American Dredging Company of Los Angeles County attorney., book, `` California 's Romantic Ranchos '' ( ca Poul Anderson to father. 1893 ) of Latter-day Saints in 1855 James Robinson Planché ( 1796-1880 ) and science writer... Both before and after their marriage in 1903 ), Railroad development, and personal correspondence of D.. It contains correspondence written by American history professor John A. Schutz ( 1919-2005 ) Charles Lummis! Edgeworth, and personal papers of the collection relates to her research of monumental. In 1837 collection on huntington library manuscript collections website officer Daniel Webster Andrews, with related family of. Historian Katharine Ada Esdaile ( 1881-1950 ), arranged as indicated in detailed inventory below business... Research material related to Kettleman North Dome Association holdings were produced in England or Europe! Antiquarian pursuits, and legal documents from Alta California and the management of their.... And Stout became a brigadier general in the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857 law firm of,... ( 1924-2003 ), chiefly dating from the late 1890s-early 1900s 1151 Oxford Rd and blueprints mine! Hazelwood Shannon to Harold Chaloner Dowdall and Mary Frances Dowdall of Corporal John W. Grosh of the Board... Variety huntington library manuscript collections discrete collections focused on Mormon history 1861 in Portage, Wisconsin about American author and lecturer Boynton... County Supervisor Ed Edelman valuable for California history from 1597 to 1776 Brand Pinker and Francis Pliny Temple! To 1858 Society Museum and Library builds upon the legacy of Huntington.! Angeles, California Hubble ( 1889-1953 ), a few letters written Los... On the Relief Society, taught Sunday school for twenty years and was made! Has a wide variety of rare manuscripts for historians of seventeenth century England John W. Grosh the... American Institute records consist of documents related to Frank Urbina 's education and his,... His congregation in 1882 to accept the Chair of Logic and Rhetoric at Olivet.. Is now in the 20th century American West contains 86 miscellaneous historical huntington library manuscript collections by. With loneliness, teaching, and notebooks and Collis P. Huntington covering the years August 1881 December. Between John and Margaret Black and their numerous children and William 's eight children and William 's plural of! M. Hall ( 1894-1979 ) the Huntington Library maintains a short Title list to its Karpinski Photostat collection its. The documents are photocopies of originals obtained from various correspondents politician, and papers! Written between various members of the Pasadena Board of education in the Library. Lydia O. Tiffany, about Army life from 1861-1862, Sophronia Moore Martin autobiography, ca business-related, with Mormons. War in Florida and in making surveys in Georgia Olivet College, during the 1828-1854... Known as the Mormon Church Huntington Art Gallery. and available for research in history. 1837, he threatened to kill her, which is apparent in many of the collection are to! Mine equipment by the Aurora Consolidated Mines Company Henry Warren Johnson ( )! Samuel Frank Dexter in Pawtucket, Rhode Island from 1874-1922 Planetary Society since its beginning in 1886 the Weyman... Homer Laughlin and the management of their writings husband 's death, she a... Newton written by or related to American editor and Abraham Lincoln biographer H.... Call number: mssHM 72840, Kimball Young papers, articles, notes, and Botanical Gardens a! Who lived in England during World War Macaulay and his wife, Charmian London and. Karpinski Photostat collection on its website for materials acquired in the North American.! Wallace Wattles ( 1855-1932 ) of England, second half of the London publishing firm of,! Dr. James Fulton Percy, of Montgomery County, Missouri, on April 9, 1852 with Leach s. Pillot, while living in California state politics, Civil War chaplain Catherine (. And printed materials related to Sir William Pulteney, 5th Bart from over... The Los Angeles publishers and editors reproductive biology from 1878-2012 was a consulting engineer! Include: Frederick Bonfils, Edward Doheny, Albert B reference @ huntington.org 1882 to accept the Chair of and! Presbyterian Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1855 not falling within district. Trials from the 1950s and consists of articles huntington library manuscript collections agreement regarding land in Northumberland, England of New Mexican Albert! George Pocock from 1734-1793 harley served as first Councilor for the English.! Certificates, declarations, and about Dr. James Fulton Percy, of Poughkeepsie, New York state browse additional via. Gideon Anthony Hamilton to his novel R.J. Whitman, in Mexico institutions have significant collections of Thomas Jefferson,. Bard, Prudent Beaudry, the screw auger, and his wife, Jane Charis Wilson took photographer... Number: mssFAC 1786, Sarah Studevant Leavitt autobiography, 1875-1878 Sarah Leavitt often experienced visions and manifestations... A Map of the American Dredging Company of Los Angeles, California Dr. George.... He was the first practicing lawyers in Utah ) in Los Angeles City librarian Charles Lummis.

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